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Content Management Systems (CMS) 

Content Management Systems (CMS) 

Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify are all designed with the purpose of being able to edit and modify text content, images, pages and posts.

CMS is a web content management software that is used to produce and govern digital web content. CMS applications include managing websites, creating web pages, crafting and distributing media, and a host of other web-related activities.

Content management systems available today are as many as they are varied. However, only a few will truly help your website and your business, and they are as follows:


One of the most effective and popular content management systems is WordPress. It’s an excellent CMS with remarkable customer service and key features. Through years of growth and development, WordPress has amassed thousands of incredible and easy-to-use themes, plugins and widgets.

WordPress is quite effective. And this is by virtue of not only being resourceful and professional but also catering to the needs of their clients with suitably priced packages. WordPress is a highly recommended system for bloggers and small websites. Its efficient system also means it’s the perfect platform for beginners.


Drupal is another leading open source CMS. Popularly labeled as a community publishing system, Drupal is mainly optimized as a social medium on the internet. Through its combination of e-commerce platforms, forums, Wikis, and blogging, Drupal is flawlessly suited for online activities like publication, messaging and e-commerce.

Content such as texts, polls, videos, and blogs are very easy to create using Drupal. This is because of the system’s incredible features like user management and unconventional menu management. Drupal will serve your interaction needs exceptionally. It’s the right CMS for a company looking to make more inroads on social media. It’s also suitable for a company that deals mostly with live content.


Just like WordPress and Drupal, Joomla is a hugely popular CMS. It’s like a hybrid of Drupal and WordPress in terms of simplicity and function. More of a tracking CMS, Joomla is very effective in tracking the type of content published on your website and the quality of the content. In essence, Joomla can keep your website in order without any risk of running into complications.

Managing and creating content like images, video, text, and music is a piece of cake with Joomla. The designers have ensured the system is easy-to-use and effective. In a nutshell, this is a bookstore kind of content management system. It’s excellently organized and very well-structured.