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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC can achieve great results. Let us help you spend wisely and get results with your Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).. What Type of PPC Services Do We Offer?Your business can benefit greatly from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. An effective PPC campaign has the ability to generate profit at a faster rate than other online promotion strategies and will help your business grow. With PPC, you can reach your target audience right at that moment when they’re willing to convert.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a tool for promoting your business online. The Pay Per Click model is quite easy to understand and that’s why it’s very popular. All you need to do is run your advertisements and the amount you pay will depend on the number of people who clicked on your ads.

Let’s now take a look at the PPC services we offer our clients.

Google Shopping

Google shopping advertisements are important to any e-commerce digital ad. They give searchers a sneak-peak of your services or products and their prices. When we are creating shopping ads for you, we select the best keywords that describe your services and products. We also pick out high-resolution images for your services or products. In addition, we choose the most cost-effective and competitive strategies.

Paid Search Ads

Our AdWords team will create paid search advertisements. The ads will contain the best in class bidding strategies and the right keywords. This will help you compete and even outshine the larger competitors. We make use of proven strategies and practices, helping you decrease the cost of PPC while increasing the click-through rates. This not only results in superior-quality leads but also increases your web traffic.

Display Advertising

Our team is effective in creating impressively-designed ads that build affinity for your brand, drive traffic and produce high-quality leads. Our ads are brand-specific supported by content for landing pages. We also create ad copies which are consistent. We will collaborate with you to determine your target audience. This will help you maximize your returns and investments.

Digital Ad Optimization and Audit

The main goal of the ads is to help your brand reach its target audience. Ads help you penetrate into new markets in an easy, cost-effective, and fast way. In order to maximize on all these, you will need a PPC audit. Our PPC audits are not only structured but also thorough.

The purpose of the audits is to:

  • Establish whether your existing campaigns require any improvements or if they need a whole new set-up.
  • To analyze if your paid search marketing ads are aligned with your business goals.
  • Identify all the problem areas and weak spots and formulate a concrete plan to achieve the best possible results.

Retargeting/ Remarketing

We will advise you to use retargeting adverts to remain connected to your audience all through Google’s Search Networks and Display. This will still be possible even after your target customers leave your website. As a result, your brand will be more recognizable and get additional exposure to your target audience. We will set up and develop the technical aspects of your campaign. Your Web Pros will also come up with a specially tailored plan to secure visitor retention and even conversion.

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