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Social Media Marketing Agency Company

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for a few, have all become core marketing and informational sites in the past few years. If they are all setup well and functioning together, pretty special things can happen. Social Media Marketing and Advertising has exploded in popularity. People and Businesses are using Social Platforms to get their Brand, Message and to Promote their Goods and Services. Choosing the right Social media marketing Agency Company is important to your business marketing success. 

Your Web Pros suggest to our clients that they use Social Media Marketing Channels to drive traffic to their website as the primary source of inspiration and transactions. We see so many people driving traffic towards their Social Media channels with no focus on where the best and most current information and conversions are to occur. We have so many clients experiencing changes and issues on Social Media platforms. You can control your content and experience for your visitors only on your website. You lose some control on the Social Media sites and platforms. There are challenges with agendas of the SMM Platform, uptime and availability, and other issues that we are seeing become more and more prevalent. 

Recent research reveals that almost 90% of marketers admit that Social Media Marketing has helped expand their brand exposure. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling it to, the truth is that taking advantage of social media as your marketing tool will grow your business and profits.

Still, some people see no need of using social media for marketing. But the question is: do they actually need it? Yes, they do. And here are some of the reasons why:

Building Better Relationships with Your  Customers

When you’re initially coming up with a social media marketing plan, building a relationship with your audience can be challenging. Many businesses inundate their potential followers with:

•          Customer reviews

•          Discount offers

•          New products

And when their account only delivers small traffic gains, they assume that this marketing approach doesn’t work for their business.

However, customers are not interested in pitches. What they’re really interested in is authentic engagement. To see tangible and significant results, you need to stop pitching to your customers through social media. Rather, you should use it to connect with your audience.

You can help your target audience by:

•          Answering any questions they may have

•          Giving them information

•          Entertaining them with appropriate content

•          Forming bonds as a result of shared interests

You’ll build solid connections with influencers and industry leaders, providing quality products for the promoters, engaging posts for the experts, and stimulating stories for the reporters. In essence, you’ll be part of a social community.

This comes with major exposure. It is such exposure that gives you new leads. With time, the leads are converted to followers, the followers become your customers, and your customers become devoted brand promoters.

 Better Understanding of Your Clients

Interacting with your audience is one of the things that make social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter effective tools in marketing. By reading your customers’ status updates and tweets, you’ll be able to understand consumer behaviors, get an insight into their lives, and answer certain questions like:

  • What are their hobbies?
  • Which websites do they often visit?
  • What types of posts are they really interested in?

Such insights have a number of marketing benefits. By being able to understand your customers, you will write better posts and more compelling content. This will, in turn, increase your traffic. The metrics available to see who your visitors are and what their habits are relative to your own SMM page and other pages gives valuable information that can be used to focus your marketing making it more efficient in reaching the people you desire to reach. 

The Facebook Pixel for instance, is such a great tool for metrics on Ecommerce sites such as WordPress / Woocommerce Online Stores and Shopify Stores

Additionally, you will identify the pain points of your audience, improve the sales conversions, and refine your service or product strategy.

Boost Your Traffic in the local area

Whatever your audience, segment, and industry, a significant percentage of your leads and customers are on social media. A recent study at the Pew Research Center reveals that 68% of the adults in the US use Facebook. Between the age-group of 18-24 years, 45% have Twitter accounts and 78% have Instagram accounts. Among Americans aged 65 years and above, 37% use social media. Reaching out to all these customers will boost your traffic, especially for a new site.

Whenever you improve your homepage or post new blogs, they may take some time to gain traction with search engines such as Google. This means only a few customers will be aware of your new content.

Posts on social media alert the target audience of your new content. Via such posts, they can click through to your website. And since the posts mainly appear in the feeds of people and followers interested in your services and products, the traffic is very targeted. This will not only boost your traffic but also bring in the audience you desire to attract.

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