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Wordpress and Joomla Security

WordPress and Joomla Security

WordPress and Joomla Security. WordPress and Joomla are widely used content management systems on the online platform. As such, they have become ripe targets for hackers. The security of WordPress and Joomla is a critical aspect of the smooth running of your website. Security encompasses all the actions you take – from installed themes and plugins to user account information protection. The security of your site should always be a top priority to avoid potential breaches and threats such as hacking. That is why you need WordPress and Joomla Security and Hacking Services to help you secure your site. You also have a role to play in ensuring that your site stays safe.

The following tips will make it harder for your website to be violated or hacked.

Choose Strong Passwords

Having a strong and complex password for WordPress and Joomla is a very important step in securing your website. It is advisable to have a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers and symbols all in one password. Your password should also contain no words to avoid dictionary attack and use 15 characters at least.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

The Two-Factor authentication feature is a strong security point for your website. Both WordPress and Joomla support this feature. The TFA or 2FA (two-factor authentication) is an added security feature for your site. You are able to login with your username, password and an additional element such as a piece of information that only you know. This greatly reduces any potential threat from intruders.

Having an Up-To-Date Version of WordPress and Joomla

Running an outdated or old version of WordPress or Joomla will make your site vulnerable to any security threats. Updates come with new features, bug and security fixes. These updates will help safeguard your site against common vulnerabilities.

Keeping WordPress and Joomla clean means that these content management systems are regularly updated. Hence, there will be no room for unnecessary items such as old themes or deactivated plugins, which might cause security issues as a result of forgetting to update them.

Having Updated Versions of Extensions

Old and outdated extensions can expose your website to security breaches. Making sure that extensions on WordPress and Joomla are updated is very essential. By doing so, your site can benefit greatly from the extensions’ security updates.

That said, it is important to make sure that you only install extensions you need. This calls for you to be selective so as to reduce the risk of attacks on your site. It is advisable that you read different and trusted reviews about an extension before installing it to avoid installing malware. Also, check the last updates of an extension by its authors and how many downloads it has.  The more updates and downloads it has, the higher the chances of security and bug fixes.

Get Rid of Inactive Users

Inactive users on your site are weak points for your site’s security, especially if they are able to make modifications to the content. This is because a lot of users choose easy and weak passwords. If you really have to keep the inactive users on your WordPress and Joomla database, it is preferable to change their description to ‘Registered’ so as to limit their ability to make changes on your site.

So how to save your website ? 

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