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Zoom Meetings Training


I have been working with online meeting platforms for many years now for my business Your Web Pros. We have used Cisco WebEx since 2011 as our primary means to work with clients around the world in desktop shared meetings. Zoom made a big splash this year with people and groups seeking to stay connected during the quarantine. Millions of people around the world were meeting through Zoom and an enjoying it’s features. Zoom has become problematic with security issues and stories of horrible situations requiring many people and organizations to pull back or quit altogether. I have been looking at alternatives and have found Google Meet. I have a pretty good experience and trust level with Google overall and have been using Meet for a couple of weeks now. I have found it an easy application to learn, setup and to schedule and create meetings. It works with Google Calendar seamlessly. Google Meet works with Google Chrome browser. There is no application to use on desktop computers. I love that part of it. The price is free for 100 users and there is no time limit as with free versions of Zoom and Webex having 40 minutes. It does not have all the features of the paid units, but for a simple room to meet and engage with others online it is a very good option. There is recording and more features for GSuite users. The users I invite have been surprised on how easy it is to connect and like the interface. It takes a bit to get used to the easy interface and controls as with anything, but overall it is a simple, reliable online shared meeting tool. If you or your organization are seeking an online meeting application, I recommend looking into it.